Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spending the day with Rowan

So the last couple of nights have been spend staying with our parents and enjoying family time.

At Tracy's folks we learned a new card game - Royal Rummy, Michigan Rummy, or Tripoley (I think the name changes but the game stays the same). And they had a honey baked ham that we literally destroyed. Yummy stuff!

The evening with my parents was fun also. We got to attend uncle Jimmy's birthday party and see all the new children running about. We played a long game of Tripoley with them as well and my dad actually played the mock round (for teaching/ remembering game play). Quite a pleasant surprise. Aunt Kelly also had an extra mat we will be taking on the road to play it some more! Dad had to work a little bit the next morning, but stuck around for most of it. Tracy had an optometrist appointment so we left in the afternoon.

After dropping a small fortune on a new pair of glasses, Tracy and I went to pick up Rowan from school for a final afternoon. I had no inkling that prescription glasses cost that much but Tracy advised me that it was SOP.

We went to feed the ducks behind Papa Johns headquarters. Or get attacked by geese is more like it. Tracy and Ro even pretended like they were an invasion force and threw "bread bombs" at them. After the barrage of fowl, we grabbed a bite to eat and went to a park in the east end with old war items around - a tank, helicopter, and a torpedo. We threw some sticks in the stream and a good time was had by all.

Ducks I
Ducks II
A walk in the woods
Part of our stick in the river program
Tracy advised me that I look scared in this one
Me looking much more happy

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