Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final LPI

Training is almost finished! We had our final language test today and are feeling pretty good about it.  We are one week away from swearing in as Peace Corp volunteers.  We will be Peace Corp trainees no longer.

We are hosting a thank you party for our host families. They have been sharing their homes with strangers from another country for the past 8 weeks so I think a party is in order!  It is going to be thanksgiving themed. Tracy is on the entertainment committee and I ended up on the shopping committee.  Strange world.  We are going to have food, entertainment (some thank you songs, dancing, and kids games) and some decorations.  The tables will have chickens made from apples, carrots, and toothpicks.  A raffle for food baskets should be a lot of fun too.

We will do some celebrating tonight and this Friday we are going on a visit to the diamond mine. The largest producing mine in the world.  We were asking if they gave out free samples at the end of the tour.  I don't think they usually run tours so we are really lucky.

Yesterday we enjoyed halloween and some people made costumes and wore them to class.  I did not get any pictures but will get some other people's photos. 
We hope everyone had a great holiday and would love to see pictures of any halloween costumes!

An amusing update: we met our supervisors from Hukunsti and discussed housing.  It turns out they did not know we were married so I got a small 1 room place that was not big enough for a queen sized bed and still have room to cook.  Tracy did not have any housing set up so they will be looking for the next week or so! Fun fun

Also the address for the school I will be working at is:
Lehutshelo JSS
Private bag 2
Hukuntsi, Botswana

We can receive packages there. If you do send a package please include pictures (for sanity and to fill wallspace), pens (they are really expensive here), and any nonmelty candy.

We love and miss everyone!