Friday, February 18, 2011

Peace Corps - Legal

We just passed the legal qualification!!!  Only placement is left.  It's amazing how quick everything is rolling now.

John & I are also done volunteering for the time being (at least until we get back from our first trip and are in Louisville for a few days).  I got to teach on Thursday as well and had a great experience.  Initially I was not in a good mental place for teaching and it's amazing how much you have to put aside anything going on in your personal life when standing up in front of people.  I finally got into the swing of things after a little while.  Teaching is hard because you can never be sure if everyone is following what you are talking about and so many people are on different levels in these classes based on their history.  There is a huge risk of not challenging half the class while the other half might not even be following what you are trying to get across.  Communication is huge and I know I am going to be on the other side of it soon.

I told the class about our plans, that it was my last day, and how we are likely to be going to Africa.  They were very excited and I got several hugs on the way out.  I am sad not to be seeing them as much.  :-(

Tomorrow we are leaving town for our first trip down to FL. Onward to warm weather and visits with family/friends!

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