Monday, February 14, 2011

Empty House Party and Packing

So Sat night we threw ourselves a going away party and had a great time. This is the first party that's had a great mix of family, friends, kids and adults. Amy and others made a wonderful spread of food. My favorite was the stuffed peppers. Brian also brought a cooler full of jello shots left over from turkey bowling which were a big hit.

An epic nerf fight ensued which eventually resulted in John becoming Awsemmo 5000 the robo fighting machine with the help of a modified UHaul box. Thanks everyone for coming out and helping us celebrate!

Tomorrow is our last day here and the apt is looking a bit sparce. The funny thing is that we got rid of all our dishes, silverware, furniture and a lot of our clothes yet we were unable to get rid of this box. We actually talked ourselves into donating it and then made the mistake of opening it.
People think you can't but much for a dollar, but they have no imagination. Nothing is more fun than a high bouncy ball, except maybe a miniature monkey.

Back to packing for me now and tomorrow begins the adventure of homelessness and travel.
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