Friday, March 9, 2012

The many faces of John

I know we are long overdue for some good quality posts and after this one that will still be the case.  With the constant traveling I have been doing (Maun for regionals Feb. 17-29th, 2 weeks in Molepolole (with a trip back to Hukuntsi on the weekend) for a couple of workshops, and now in Gaborone for more x-rays of Tracy's foot) and the constrast of Tracy not being able to leave the house unless someone picks her up in a 4 wheel drive, we have not had time nor energy to write up the humdrum of our lives.  Until now!!! I shaved off the beard.  Tracy thinks it has been more than 5 years since I was last shorn to this extent.  That means this is the first time my nieces and newphews get to see the youngish uncle John and retain memories of it.  Tracy says I still look like an old man - the crows feet are a give away... heh.  Enjoy and we plan to write more, but this is what we always say...

Love you all, John


  1. Awesome, but I wouldn't recognize you walking down the street!

  2. hahahaha lol i love it!!! very cute. and the stages are fun to see too. i love yr red beard! do the locals get a kick out of it? xoxoxoxoxo leah