Friday, December 16, 2011

Moving day and transport

So here we are sitting in our temp house all packed up and ready to move. This morning we found out that the transport we had set up to move us has an issue with the tire, so we waited. A couple hours later we found out that there is a vehicle available at the RAC yet there are no drivers to be found. Some days I wish I was allowed to drive because it is hard to find a driver and a vehicle in working order with fuel at the same time. Transport is the biggest issue here. Since we are all packed up and we are still holding out hope on moving today lunch is consisting of beef jerkey and some dried fruits and nuts that came in a recent package. Thanks mom & dad!

The most frustrating thing for me is that I am missing a workshop in Kang I really wanted to help out with to move today. Sadness! Luckily this give us a chance to practice soccer a bit before the teachers return and want us to play.

The key to making it in the Peace Corps is patience and flexibility. Also a good book to read while waiting is helpful.

On the positive side we were able to get a dongle recently and have access to the internet occasionally. It is really slow and expensive so there will not be much usage, but enough to occasionally post a blog or send an e-mail.

Hopefully my next post will be in our new house.

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  1. i'm impressed with your coping strategies: focusing on the postive, developing skills of patience and flexibility; using soccer (physical activity); distracting with pleasurable activities through reading! fabulous. a+ you rock !! xoxo leah