Tuesday, August 30, 2011

14 days & Berea

Two weeks from now at this time John and I should have landed in Philadelphia for staging. It is hard to imagine that we are so close to leaving.

We are making progress on some of the business end to getting ready such as getting a new driver's license so it doesn't expire while we are over seas, extending our debit card expiration dates, filling out some Peace Corps paperwork, getting a power of attorney, and the list goes on and on... We are also making a list of places we want to eat at before leaving, such as our favorite sushi places.

Some of the reality is beginning to hit home as we are having to say our last goodbye's to some people we know we won't be able to see again.

Yesterday I drove down to Berea to meet Kate since we won't be able to make it down to Knoxville again. Although I was sad not to see Michael and Sam again, some "girl time" was long overdue. It has been a while since Kate and I hung out just the two of us and I would love to make it happen more often (once we are in the US again). The day was encompassed with walking around and taking in multiple different venues. First we walked through an arts center, then hiking, then lunch and just walking around town. The hike was my favorite part. Although we were supposed to see a waterfall at the end it was dry but the area was astonishingly beautiful. The walk was typical of Kentucky scenery, with dense trees and rocks and hills.

I then met up with John, Jerry, Zue, Shawn, Amanda, and Rob to have dinner one last time before Rob catches his plane in the morning. We went to the casino for steaks and Shawn had the great idea that we will all meet up again in a little over 2 years to do the same thing. Sadly we forgot the camera. All in all it was a great day!

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