Friday, March 11, 2011

On the final steps to joining!

We spoke with a placement specialist this morning and she confirmed a lot of the things we thought or were told earlier.  To kind of recap in case anyone doesn't know (which would be a bit surprising to me since I feel like I over-talk about it sometimes)

John will be teaching ESL to high-school kids (most likely, nothing is 100% yet)

Tracy will be doing one of three things: business education, business extension, or business development which may be out in the world, in a classroom, or some of both.

We are officially qualified for placement now and the PC folks will be looking at our skills and health needs to find a suitable program.  The next step will be the invitation which I believe will include a country of service and date of departure!  The earliest program we will be invited for seems to be leaving June 1st.  We may know as soon as the next few weeks or it could be as late as 8 weeks before the departure date.  The conversation ended with what I hope is a stock phrase and reminder rather than a close possibility: there is still a chance we won't get in based on our various country's skill needs and our medical needs.  We are keeping our finger's crossed and will post any updates here!

In other news we are heading out for our western trip on the 14th or 15th.  We will post the URL for the western blog pretty soon.

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