Friday, December 17, 2010


Last weekend we put fliers up looking for homes for Naomi & Specs.  Amazingly someone called about Naomi within a few days and he is coming to meet her tomorrow.  We also might have a home for Specs with a friend.  Although I am really sad about losing them it will be nice to know their futures are secure.  John & I have been doing a lot of preparation to leave with getting rid of a lot of our belongings, trying to ensure we will be fiscally sound and having an end date with our jobs.  Amazingly this step is the one that makes everything start to feel real rather than just an abstract concept.  

Some of the main things we have left to do are:
  • Figure out our route (not super specific, just directionally so friends can meet up with us)
  • Pack away long term items to store at family/friends
  • Figure out what we are taking on our US trip
  • Figure out what to sell rather than just give away
  • Power of attorney
  • Living Will
  • Rollover 401Ks into a single account
I'm sure other things are missing but hopefully this will be a good memory aide.

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